Respect Your Roots Adidas x Kayo

Adidas recently paid homage to four of street skating's true pioneers by honoring them with signature Superstars. Expedition's Richard Angelides along with Kareem Campbell, Drake Jones, and Joey Bast all received their own colorways of the iconic shoe as well as bronze Adidas Superstars to keep as a memento of the occasion. The launch party for this historic event was held on Saturday March 28th at The Kayo Store in Los Angeles and we were on hand to capture highlights of what turned out to be an amazing evening.

Adidas blessed The Kayo Store with a pair of bronze Superstars to display memorializing the event forever.

Skateboarding's favorite DJ's Ako & Atiba Jefferson AKA The Blackouts spun tunes from classic skate videos.

Kareem Campbell, Jovontae Turner, and Drake Jones helped define style in the 90's. It was awesome to see them all together at the launch event.

DGK's Derrick Wilson and Shmatty Chaffin were on hand to pay their respects to the older generation.

Rob Welsh and his lady stopped by to support Richard and the rest of the crew.

DGK Team Manage Brad Rosado and his lady enjoy some adult beverages amidst the festive crowd.

A partial Rhythm skateboards reunion – Joey Bast, Chany Jeanguenin, and Richard Angelides.

Gold's Eli Soto, Adidas / Juice Design's Matt Irving, and Kayo head honcho Troy Morgan take time out for a candid photo.

The Kayo Store's Jordy stuntin' with his scooter towards the end of the night.

All photos courtesy of Chany Jeanguenin