Eli Reed - Organika's Street Artist - Extended Text

For Volume 1 Issue 4 of The Kayo Magazine we hit up Eli Reed to get the background story on Organika. Below is the extended text from the conversation we had with him about how he got on and why Organika is the perfect brand for his signature style.

"I skated for Gold for a while now and I've always been really tight with everyone over at Kayo. I recently came out to Cali and talked to my boy Vinnie Ponte and asked him what he thought about me getting down with one of the Kayo brands. He said that he thought that I should ride for Organika. Quim Cardona and Karl Watson are some of my favorite dudes anyway, I love the way they skate. Growing up around the New York scene, I always looked up to Quim – he's like a baby Gonz. I was just really stoked on the idea, there's definitely a lot of room to grow with the brand. I like the fact that while it's an established company, it's not so huge that there's no room to keep molding into something new. There's also not a ton of people on the team when you compare it to DGK and Expedition. It just made sense. I talked to Troy and Karl, and I've always been pretty tight with Karl – he called and was like 'what's up dude, let's do this!' I was instantly down.

When I was talking to Troy about it, he brought up the fact that Organika celebrates the art and music vibe in skateboarding. I've never looked at my skating in any other way than an art form. For me, skateboarding is performance art. Organika is one of those companies that represents the art form of skating. Not too many companies want to highlight that, which makes Organika really unique. Everyone that's on the team is about their own art. My moms an artist and my brother's an artist, so I was brought up with that – a lot of people don't really know that side of me, I don't show it so much. So it's just super sick that it highlights that and there's room to grow with that. Then with the skating aspect, everybody is just super creative. I think that's where I fit, I always try to keep it fresh and creative and just do different stuff and really not fall into any norm of what's in. I don't think anyone on Organika fits into that, like no one on Organika is doing tricks that anybody else is really doing. I've never seen Karl or Quim doing something that was expected, they've always done some other wild shit." - Eli Reed