For Issue 2 of The Kayo Magazine we paid a studio visit to Brian Lotti to discuss his collaboration with Organika. This is the full audio interview that was used to write the article.

Organika's new collaboration with Brian Lotti came about through Karl Watson - who credits Brian as one of the major influences on his style. Brian utilized a wood block printing technique to create the  series which consists of four boards that show vertical landscapes winding through  a variety of scenery that directly relate to each of the pro's on the team. This theme of environments shaping the individual ties into a concept that Brian calls the "New Natives" which he describes as follows, "Day after day, people are out skating - out in the landscape. I think a big part of what we dig in skateboarding is not just doing tricks, it's our relationship to different places, and how we kind of move and journey about. That's a big part of our life. So yeah, in a way I would say skateboarders - they're like the new natives… we're like the new Indians."