Pound For Pound - Jermaine Wright

Kayo is proud to announce that Jermaine Wright has been promoted from the warehouse and is now our newest sales rep, if you order Kayo, you'll be hearing from Jermaine soon.

Jermaine was born in Oceanside and started skating when he was 14 years old. He came up with the infamous NS Krue, which had a huge impact on his formative years. Jermaine picked up skating quickly and was already grinding handrails after only being on a board for a year. When Nick Lockman and Stevie Williams opened up the L&K Skateshop in Oceanside, Maine's good friend BB Bastidas passed them his tape and Maine got sponsored by L&K and put on DGK's flow team. Jermaine was eventually hired to work at Kayo through Nick where he remained for a year and a half before taking a hiatus to pursue skateboarding full time. When Maine's mom left California for Oklahoma to buy a house, he decided to stay in San Diego to remain close to his roots. He went through some hard times before getting rehired at Kayo. When asked what his favorite things about working at Kayo are, Maine had this to say; "the perks of working here are my huge closet that's filled with the best gear! Also the parties that we go to are pretty insane. It's seriously a family here, you know everybody; you party with them. There's so much good stuff about this place." Jermaine's job has not slowed down his skating at all as evidenced by this video, you also may remember him from one of the montages in Gold Goons where he had some stand-out tricks. Congratulations Maine!