There's been a ton of coverage of our riders on the internet lately, let's take look at the highlights of what's been going on with team as of late in the first edition of Kayo News.

 Frankie Heck

Expedition's Frankie Heck unleashed a solid three tricks in this Know Future Know Control ad from Thunder Trucks. That back tail kickflip to switch manny was definitely tricky, Frankie handled it with ease.

 Ryan Gallant

Ryan Gallant understands the vibe of skating rocks as evidenced in his new 5 Trick Fix from Transworld. The next time you're thinking that you don't have any spots to skate, head out there and get creative like Ryan did in this clip.

Zered Bassett

Dr. Z breaks down how he discovered and fell in love with skateboarding in the episode of First Things First from The Ride Channel. Check it out to find out how Zered popped his skateboarding cherry.

Dane Vaughn

A video posted by Cajun Gypsy (@dane_vaughn) on

Dane Vaughn has massive pop as illustrated in this ginormous bump to bar kickflip that he posted on his Instagram account recently. The Cajun Gypsy is definitely no joke!


Derrick Wilson

A video posted by #DGK (@dgk) on

Derrick Wilson puts down a solid line in this Instagram clip filmed by Brad Rosado. Gotta love Derrick's casual style as he cruises around the blocks.


Boo Johnson

A video posted by #DGK (@dgk) on

We all know that Boo kills rails, but this clip from DGK reminds us that his balancing game is no joke. I don't think Boo has ever met a rail that he didn't like.


Kenny Hoyle


Kenny Hoyle knows how to enjoy the simple pleasures of riding his skateboard. He shows in this clip that all you need is a couple of good slappies and nice tre flip to have a good time.