Dane Vaughn

It's literally all in a days work for Dane Vaughn in this new Ride or Die clip from Shake Junt and The Ride Channel. Dane shows that he's able to put down a solid two minutes plus of skating within the span of one session and even drops a gnarly 50-50 to front crooks to fakie ender that's straight up dope! The Cajun Gypsy is most definitely on the come right now.

Dylan Witkin

Dylan Witkin spent 60 minutes in the Transworld Park this week and unleashed a can whoop ass on just about every obstacle in the place. We all know that Dylan is an all-terrain ripper, but this clip really drives the point home. He's riding up walls, jumping down rails, even doing old school boneless variations on tranny. There's really nothing this guy can't do, so expect big things from him in the future.

Jack Curtin & Marquise Henry

Jack Curtin and Marquise Henry shine with the rest of the New Balance Numeric team in this new short film from master lensmen Russell Houghton. The creativity put into the cinematography of this piece is nothing short of amazing, and having Jack and Quise in the mix gives that extra Dirty Ghetto flava. This video should definitely get you hyped to go skate.

Walker Ryan & Tom Remillard

Walker Ryan and Tom Remillard recently got the opportunity of a lifetime by partaking in the Skaters Tour The Mediterranean trip with Red Bull. This unique journey involved riding a luxury cruise through the Mediterranean sea and getting off at each of the stops to search out skate spots and film whatever they can get in only the time allotted before the ship leaves port for the next location. Head over to Red Bull and check out all of the episodes from this once-in-a-lifetime voyage.

Tom Remillard

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Tom Remillard was choses to the the selector for Jenkem Mix 23. The Washington Street ruler has eclectic taste in music, a few of his choices may surprise you. Head over to the Jenkem site to find out what Tom Grom listens to before, during, and after his daily skate missions.

Ryan Gallant

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Fresh off a knee injury, Ryan Gallant checks back into the game with this outstanding backside tailslide to backside kickflip over a bench. You can't keep a good man down, and a great man is unstoppable. Ryan is definitely one of the greatest to ever do it!

Rob Welsh

When Steve Caballero announced his caballerial Instagram contest challenging people to post their best cabs in order to get a chance to win a prize, Rob Welsh took the opportunity to dig in the archive and remind the world that he's done some of the best ones of all time. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some amazing fakie full rotation 360's on a variety of obstacles.

Kenny Hoyle

Kenny Hoyle continues his killing spree at the Encinitas park with one hell of a nose manual followed up by a proper line consisting of a very popped frontside halfcab flip and a nollie heelflip nosegrind. Kenny's style is as on point as ever, if this clip doesn't get you hyped to skate; I don't know what will.

Miles Silvas

Miles Silvas is obviously enjoying that brand new pro model. This flat rail 50-50 is gnarly, it's gotta feel great to pop up on that thing with some signature wood under your feet. Spring is in the air, and Miles is in full bloom!