Josh Mathews

Josh Mathews is one of the hardest working people in skateboarding. His second episode of the Push series from the Berrics discusses his insane travel schedule, what it takes to find spots and film tricks, and why he'll soon be relocating from Los Angeles to SF. You have to admire the time and dedication that Josh has put into his craft over the years, that's why he's on top of his game right now.


Miles Silvas

The celebration continues for Miles Silvas ascension into the pro ranks. This week Official Hats dropped a sick minute of unseen footage that will definitely get you hyped to get out there and go skate. Miles' pro board from Organika is available now in 8.06 and 8.25 in the The Kayo Store – get it while it's hot.


Walker Ryan

Walker Ryan just put out a really solid entry in The Berrics 2 Up contest. Walker got super creative with his combos and is clearly a contender to win. Check out all of the amazingness that he managed to film and then have a look at the process that went into putting this video together.


Carlos Iqui

Carlos Iqui put together a serious shared part with Tiago Lemos in The Gold Goons video and hasn't slowed down since. This latest Firing Line from Thrasher Magazine features Carlos doing what he does best – ripping harder than most! His switch frontside flip over the block at Jkwon is seriously mind blowing. We're definitely hyped to have Carlos rolling with Gold.


Dane Vaughn & Shmatty Chaffin

A video posted by Cajun Gypsy (@dane_vaughn) on

Dane Vaughn and Shmatty Chaffin show off their fancy footwork with some insane flatground tricks that Dane posted on his Instagram account this week. If you're not following @dane-vaughn then you're seriously missing out – he's posting some really great skateboarding on a regular basis.


Zion Wright

Organika's Zion Wright is on the come up lately. This clip from Official Skate's Instagram shows exactly what he's capable of at a variety of spots down in his native Florida. Everyone should keep an eye for Zion in the future because he's definitely making moves.


Ryan Gallant

A video posted by Ryan Gallant (@ryangallant33) on

Ryan Gallant puts a new twist on a classic trick with this backside tailslide fire cracker down three stairs. Ryan is always thinking of new an innovative ways to skate spots and you never quite know what he's going to do next. This is just one example of insanely talented Ryan is on his skateboard.


Frankie Heck

A video posted by @frankieheck on

Frankie Heck hasn't slowed down one bit since his breakout part in Expedition's Gone Fishin'. He throws down some serious tricks over the hip at Black Mike park in this clip that he posted on Instagram last week. There's definitely no stopping Frankie, so you can bet that you're going to see more insanity over the weeks to come.