Kayo News - Volume 4

Walker Ryan

Walker Ryan and the Visual Traveling crew hit up the Middle East to explore and document some untapped skate spots in one of the most unstable regions of the world. Check out Visual Traveling - The Edge of Arabia for the full recap of what went down during their trip.


Boo Johnson

Boo Johnson and the Krew team went on an eight day mission from California to Denver this past April. They stopped in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City along the way and destroyed everything in their path. Check out the recap of everything that went down in High, Low, & In Between.


Frankie Heck

A video posted by @frankieheck on

Frankie Heck was recently over in Madrid soaking up the local culture and ripping every spot in his path. Here's a clip from his Instagram account of a serious line at a skate park. If this is just a sample, we can't wait to feast our eyes on the main course!


Josh Kalis

A video posted by DC Shoes (@dcshoes) on

Josh Kalis used to refer to Jkwon as LA Love and after watching this clip from DC's Instagram you can see why. Kalis has obviously made that spot his home and is skating those ledges like he's back in Philly and it's 1996 again. The plaza king has found a new kingdom to rule – you gotta be hyped about that!


Zion Wright

A video posted by Karl Watson (@organikarl1111) on

Organika's Zion Wright is definitely on his way to making a name for himself in skateboarding. This 360 flip over a gigantic fence is one of the craziest things we've seen in a long time. Zion's pop and style are definitely maturing – be on the look out for more from him in the future and prepare to #growwithus.


Miles Silvas

Miles Silvas put down some serious moves at Official's demo in Guadalarja. Judging by this clip, he's feeling right at home on his new pro board for Organika. Everything Miles has been putting out lately is pure magic, this clip is no exception.


Dane Vaughn

A video posted by Cajun Gypsy (@dane_vaughn) on

Dane Vaughn has been on a steady killing spree for months now. This ginormous kickflip is just the latest in volumes of amazing tricks that he's been posting on his Instagram account on a regular basis. If you're not following him, you are seriously missing out!


Kelly Hart

Kelly Hart threw down an amazing fakie shove it flip to switch nose manual at the LA Courthouse stage in his new commercial from eS. We're sure that rolling on Gold wheels made that manual nice and smooth for this NBD. Nice work Kelly!