The DGK crew took over The Kayo Store on Fairfax on June 13,2015. Dirty Ghetto Kids came from far and wide to meet the team, and skate the benches with them. Thanks to everyone who cruised out, we appreciate the support!

Boo and his dog Yogi chillin' in the shop, waiting for the signing to begin.

Heavy lineup made their way into the store, the DGK team has arrived.

Posters and gear for the early birds that showed up.

Marcus McBride signing one of his newest decks, the "My Ninja" series.

Stevie! Yup, even Esteban made it, and jumped right into the fire.

DGK since the start.

Then we hit the benches to skate with everyone. Woogie has been putting it down in the streets daily.
Front crook pop over on the flatbar.

Dane Vaughn backside flips from flat for Brad Rosado's camera. Check the vid above for the footy!

A DGKalis back noseblunt is a beautiful thing.

Fans were hyped to see all of their favorites in one place.

Thanks for coming out, we appreciate each and everyone of you!

All photos by Brandon Alton