Kayo News - Volume 5

Josh Mathews

Episode 3 of Push follows Josh Mathews to Portugal where he continues to work on his upcoming video part. Josh talks about the process of filming and what goes into making a productive trip. He battles spots and the rain in the pursuit of putting together what is sure to be an epic part when it releases. Stay tuned to The Berrics for upcoming episodes.


Darius "Woogie" Jackson

Transworld hit up Memorial Park for this week's Manny Mondays episode and Woogie was on hand with the homies to throw down some series two-wheeled moves. His fakie flip to fakie manny to fakie hardflip out is no joke – if you're not keeping an eye out for Woogie right now, then you're definitely sleeping.


Dane Vaughn

A video posted by Cajun Gypsy (@dane_vaughn) on

Dane Vaughn continues to lace Instagram with amazing clips. This week he posted a few street lines that are definitely a treat. That last switch back heel over the fire hydrant is dope! Dane definitely has a serious amount of footage if that's his throwaway.


Zion Wright

A video posted by Karl Watson (@organikarl1111) on

Zion Wright has really been coming into his own lately. The young Organikan has been showing time and time again that he's destined for great things. Karl Watson posted this Instagram compilation of Zion's recent footage that give you an idea of exactly what he's capable of, grow with us!


Kenny Hoyle & Ryan Gallant

A video posted by Ryan Gallant (@ryangallant33) on

Ryan Gallant and Kenny Hoyle tag teamed a ledge session this week and came up with some solid moves. These OG Expedition riders are on top of their game. Definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with when the next EXP vid drops.


Miles Silvas

Miles Silvas has been out in NYC destroying every spot that he comes across. Adidas posted a few warm-up handrail tricks this week to wet your whistle for what's to come. Knowing Miles, he definitely came through with some bangers.