How many times have you been to Spokane, Washington? Unfortunately, prior to this trip I'd never been.

Three weeks before Go Skate Day, I reached out to Todd (Owner of Paradigm Skate Supply) about one of his skaters. He responded with open arms and an open invitation to stay at his house, skate local spots and take in the natural beauty of Washington. Needless to say, we took him up on his offer.

Everyone was stoked to skate some uncharted territory. The crew consisted of: Josh Matthews, Josh Anderson, Tafari Whitter, Lil Dre, Walker Ryan, Zion Wright, Pat Moran and myself. Tim Cisilino held it down by filming and driving there and back single handedly; a total of 34 hours behind the wheel. Once we arrived, we were greeted with some "Mi casa su casa" vibes. There was endless amounts of skateboard history under his roof. From VHS skate videos to a board and shoe collection that would make him a rich man if he were to put them on EBay. Todds house was pretty much a skateboard museum.

On Go Skate Day we celebrated at Spokane's oldest skatepark, UTF (under the freeway). Which started as a DIY and was turned into an actual skatepark in the 90's. This park had a good feel to it and was lots of fun to shred. Unfortunately it will be torn down soon thats why we decided to have one last big session before the bulldozers come.

Thirteen year old Dre being on the trip was a highlight for sure. So refreshing to have his young energy around! When I asked him how he felt about coming he had this to say, "I had fun! I experienced a lot of different things and I met a lot of really great people. I got to see a parts of the world I've never seen before". To me, thats what its all about! Experiencing new things and seeing the world. A few of many gifts skateboarding has to offer.

Big thanks to Todd for showing us a great time and housing us. Looking forward to many more journeys with the Organika crew!


Words by Karl Watson



Weed, California was the first mandatory stop along the nearly nonstop 19 hour drive from Oakland to Spokane, Washington.

What did skaters do in tour vans before iPhones? Lil Dre and Tafari kill some time with some skate videos in the trunk of the van.

First day at la Casa de Todd; Karl, Dre and Josh Anderson set up some freshies to start the trip right.

Karl Watson warms it up on Todd’s back porch with a stylish frontside nose slide.

What do you do when there’s a perfect 17 stair rail with a locked fence blocking the runway? Master Tim has a van filled with answers.

It didn’t matter that this was the first spot of the day, with an open runway, Zion had no problem frontside lipsliding this crusty, behemoth of a rail.

After a long day of skating, Josh Matthews enjoys a delightful dip into one of Spokane’s icy river swimming spots.

Josh and Karl didn’t take part in the rock jump, but they enjoyed watching Zion dive and flip in with the locals.

The crew was a healthy size in Spokane when we hit the river.

Tafari boosts an ollie warming up before the fun police shut down the session.

No where is safe from the inevitable, “It’s a matter of liability," kick out. Onto the next spot...

Tafari warms up with frontside nosegrind on another one of Spokane’s perfect handrails.

Mitchell, one of the locals, keeps the crew hyped with a frontside smith grind.

Tafari takes another route to the frontside smith with a switch Barley grind.

The game went as follows: While the unsuspecting skater isn’t looking, give him a titty twister until he names five cereal brands. Lil Dre protects himself as Josh threatens an initiation twist.

It might be the North, but it’s still a “W” for WESTSIDE. Walker boardslides over Lil Dre.

The Family Tree is growing! Todd was an amazing host for the Organika crew and he and everyone involved with Paradigm Skate supply and the Spokane scene will forever be a part of the Organika family.

Age ain’t nothing but a number. The young guns Zion and Lil Dre in Weed.

Josh Matthews starts off a ripping line with a backside 5050 down eight.

Washington was good to the Organika crew. Full length video coming soon.

All photos by Walker Ryan and Lil Dre