Zered Bassett Interview

Site: What Youth

Expedition pro Zered Bassett is always seen and rarely heard, so this is a special treat. Get the low down on Zered's feelings of his past and present in this What Youth interview.

De La Calle/ Da Rua

Site: Berrics

Expedition pro Matt Miller and his DC Shoes buds put down a hell of a video to round of 2015. Check De La Calle and see what Miller's been up too.

Dane Vaughn Insta Remix

Site: Supra Youtube

DGK Pro Dane Vaughn had an amazing 2015, be put out part after part and hasn't stopped since. Check the recap made by Supra of everything Dane posted to Insta in 2015.

Rodrigo TX 1947:Researched

Site: Berrics

DGK Pro Rodrigo TX put two major video parts down for 2015; one in the Gold Goons video and one in the LRG video. See the raw footage from the streets from one of Brazil's finest.

Matt Miller Trickapedia

Site: Berrics

If your going to learn something, learn it from the best. Matt Miller has one of the best nollie 270 switch front boardslides, so if you ever wanted to learn them, here's your chance.

Expedition-One Harvest Jam

Site: Skatepark of Tampa

Expedition's annual trek out to the world famous Skatepark of Tampa for Harvest Jam. Expedition am's Dylan Witkin and Frankie Heck cruised down SPOT and skated a little bit with the kids.